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Marcos Gutierrez Costa

Chief Executive Officer & Partner

Alexander Encinas Palomino

Chief Operations Officer & Partner

Mathieu Gasse Forget

Chief Creative Officer & Partner

Tony Sourn Chheng

Chief Technology Officer & Partner
Mangolab’s mission is to develop an ecosystem where people can innovate, craft quality solutions and make them accessible to the many digitally.

IT Product Strategy

Data Science

Digital Growth

User Interface Design

User Experience Modelization

Brand Conceptualization

Digital Commerce 

Content Management System

Infrastructure & Web Development

The MangoLab experience to help your business scale up

Analyze & Strategize

Any great idea comes with a deep understanding and reasoning of the value we are providing to a specific market.

Our data driven nature has pushed us to develop a strategic planning to analyze in depth the idea and provide a meaningful solution to validate the end product.

Once the understanding of your business and your market are completed, we move forward into your product development planning.

Design & Prototype

By identifying the right product scope, we proceed in turning words into a visual concept that we can feel, see and understand the user behavior of the end product.

Our creative approach is complemented by the key insights we have gathered and allow us to build a high end prototype to visualize the key functionalities and its user experience. By having the final shape of the digital product, we can execute the development phase.

Develop & Quality Assurance

Having the concept and the designs in place, we can move on to the product development. Through an agile methodology, we break down the end product into milestones to help you follow the development process and give flexibility to the digital product.

Our engineering team makes sure to deliver and deploy a high quality product tailored to the market needs and the organization’s profile.

Optimize & Scale Up

Once your digital product has been launched, we proceed into a continuous development framework. Our strategic team leverages your product’s data to scope and prioritize the next steps on your digital solution.

The end goal is to help your business scale up through A/B testing, growth hacking and functionalities improvement based on your business insights.